An Open Letter to 1% of Businesses:

This may be the most important letter you ever read.

How can I make such a claim? Because I’m offering something that’s legitimately of value for free–for a tiny fraction of businesses that have their *#$&% together. But first, we all know that nothing of value is free, right?

Well, this is.

Here’s the deal: I’m looking to publish a case study that showcases how I’m able to make 5-figures, 6-figures, or even 7-figures of additional profit…year after year…for businesses. I’ve done just that for businesses around the globe.

If you and I are a good fit, then I will work with you for free.

I’ll guide you to a big win where you get higher conversions for the same amount of traffic. Then you’ll allow me to write up a case study on my blog, to attract lots of additional paying customers for me. (We won’t divulge company secrets like specific dollar amounts, but instead will talk in terms of percentage uplifts.)

Why would a hot-shot consultant offer to work for free? Fair question. It’s because I’ve been incredibly successful, but have been under a non-disclosure agreement with a bunch of companies since 2009 . To be more specific, here’s my record:

  • I’ve had 58 cases where I improved the conversion rate of businesses under strict, split-tested, statistically significant conditions.
  • They have increased conversions (i.e., orders, subscriptions, registrations, etc.) by an average 0f 27.9%.
  • If you annualize the increased conversions, they’re worth an average of more than $570,000 extra in my clients’ pockets every year.

I can understand why my clients want to keep it a secret from their competitors about how they increased their business by so much. But at the same time, I’m getting tired of not being able to talk about my successes. I’m therefore willing to apply my proven talents and  methodologies to the right kind of companies, for zero dollars.

I just want the damn case study.

I’m Looking For a Handful of Special Companies

Another reason why this is not “too good to be true” is I’m looking for a special kind of company. Here’s the potential bad news, because I’m guessing that a tiny percentage of companies honestly match the following description:

  • You need a testing mentality where you are always looking to improve your website conversions. Note: It’s fine if you have not been split-testing stuff on your site to date; that’s easy to set up. What I’m referring to is the willingness…the eagerness to test.

  • You’re willing to try recommendations that are reasonable/ethical/doable, and you won’t second-guess them to death. Of course you are the boss of your site, but you need to be open-minded to try things, even if you think they won’t work, or you’ve tried something similar before.

  • You need the ability to execute. All the good plans in the world are useless if we can’t make changes to your site. This won’t work if your site is held together by bailing wire, or needs to get 10 approvals where those 10 people can’t seem to agree on the time of day.

  • You have reasonable traffic volume, such that we can test an idea and get statistically significant results before the next ice age.

  • You need to know your numbers, or be willing for us to work together to get those numbers.

I’m sad to say that the following is how my initial conversion with a typical company often sounds like (I’m not making this up):

  • I ask: “So tell me, what is the profile of your most-successful segment of customers?”
  • What I get back is: “Oh, they’re all sorts of people.”
  • Me: “Well have you done any surveys recently?”
  • They: “We know our customers; we don’t need to do surveys.”
  • Me: “What have you split-tested on your site?”
  • They: “We don’t split test. We don’t need to. We know when to roll out a new element on a page.”
  • Me: “What do you know about your competition?”
  • They: “They suck.”
  • Me: “Could you elaborate?”
  • They: “They’re stuff is not that good, but they get a lot of business by using it. That’s not right.”

I could go on, but you get the idea. This business has built a solid wall of excuses around doing the legwork to dominate its market. I can’t work with such businesses, because they want help but are not willing to do anything differently. You know what that’s called.

If you think about it, these are not weird requirements. They should describe 80% of businesses, right? Unfortunately, they fit only very few businesses in my experience.

What's the worst that can happen to you?

Well the worst is you don’t take me up on my free offer even though you meet my criteria; you’ll be leaving a pile of money on the table. The next worst thing is we get on the phone and decide not to work together for some reason. That’s an expense of 15 minutes of your time.

What’s the best that can happen to you? You’ll make 6-figures or 7-figures per year and your ROI is infinite because you did not pay me.

If what I describe does in fact fit you, then contact me here and let’s get on the phone for a short call, to see if we have a win/win. If we decide not, then no big deal.

Toldja this was a different sort of letter.

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